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Many people get confused regarding the differences between CBD oil and hemp oil. The reason for the confusion is simple – they both come from the cannabis plant. However, CBD and hemp oils are derived from different parts of the cannabis plant and they are used for different purposes. CBD is found in the flowers of the hemp, while hemp oil is taken by pressing the hemp seeds. Both oils are extremely beneficial, but for different reasons. Since the advertising and articles around these two very different substances can be confusing, it’s important for the consumer to understand what CBD oil is and what hemp oil is. First let’s look at what each compound is, and then we can differentiate between the two.

Extracting and Using CBD Oil

CBD oil is taken from the leaves, buds and stalks of the hemp plant. Different strains of the plant have various potency levels, but CBD is usually taken from the varieties of hemp plants with higher levels. One of the safest ways to obtain the compounds is by soaking the hemp plant in a carrier oil, such as olive or hemp. This separates the CBD from the plant, and the CBD rich oil can then be used as a medicine. If the cannabis plant is used to extract the CBD compound rather than the hemp, the THC levels can be slightly higher. But at any rate, since the THC level is very low, users can enjoy the benefits of the marijuana plant without its psychoactive effects.

In fact, if there are trace levels of THC in the oil, the CBD inhibits it, which leaves the CBD oil with a therapeutic and calming effect.

Extracting and Using Hemp Oil

Although any of the varieties of plants belonging to the cannabis family can be used for hemp oil, it usually is extracted from the hemp plant. Industrial hemp is normally used for hemp oil, and if there are any psychoactive substances, they are miniscule. Only the seeds of the plant are used, and since about 50% of the seed’s weight comes from oil, the components can be extracted easily. While the seeds do not contain large amounts of CBD, they are full of therapeutic and nutritional benefits. The hemp oil is high in polyunsaturated fats such as Omega-3 fatty acids, Omega-6 and Vitamin E. In the kitchen it can be used to drip onto salads and in cooking. It is also a sought after ingredient in health products.

It can be used in skin conditioners and creams, shampoos and soaps. Hemp oil also has industrial uses, as in the production of plastics, fuel and paint products. It has been reported to effectively treat neurodermatitis, PMS and the inflammation caused by arthritis.

Major Differences Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

First off, the two oils come from different parts of the plant. CBD oil is from the flowers, leaves stalks and buds, while hemp oil comes only from the seeds. CBD oil has medicinal properties that make it ideal in many types of therapies. Reportedly, it can be used effectively in the treatment of cancer, can treat epilepsy and other diseases and helps with psychological ailments. Hemp oil can also be used in therapy or as a medicine, but it is tasty enough to be used in the kitchen. Furthermore, it has industrial uses that are unique to the hemp oil, such as making beauty products, a base for non-petroleum products such as plastic and paints, and can be a bio-diesel fuel.

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