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How Long Does it Take for CBD Pills to Work?

The amount of time it takes for CBD pills to become effective is similar to asking how many milligrams you should take per dose each day. Every person is different, and the way the CBE products can affect your body varies. For instance, a person who does not carry a lot of body weight and only suffers from mild inflammation or discomfort might be able feel the effects of CBD oil or CBD capsules rather quickly. On the opposite end of the scale, take a larger bodied person who is extremely ill and it could take more doses before that person feels relief. Other variables include the type and form of CBD you are using. Different products have varied concentrations of CBD, making it more difficult to predict how long it will be until CBD pills work.

CBD Capsules

As far as the time for CBD pills to work, the capsules and the edibles are the same. Each one has a specific dose, or a stated number of milligrams in each one. This takes the guesswork out of trying to calculate how many milligrams you’re taking. That is, if you buy a ready-made product. If you only buy the CBD oil and then make your own edibles, it will be more difficult to determine the exact quantity and strength of the product. But however you ingest the CBD, if you do it on a full stomach it will take longer to have an effect. For quick absorption and relief, take CBD capsules on an empty stomach.

So depending on when you last ate, it could take up to an hour to notice the effects. If you have an empty stomach or you are tiny, you might feel it in only 20 minutes, as it varies from person to person. If you take the CBD capsule or edible before you’ve eaten anything, the effect might be milder and it could last longer. In this case, you might still feel the effects up to four hours after ingestion. If taking CBD for anxiety, you may feel more calm in a matter of minutes.

Managing Your Symptoms

In the beginning, you’ll spend some time correlating the amount of CBD you should take and how often you’ll need more CBD capsules. Begin taking only a minimum amount if you have mild symptoms. Keep track of how much you are taking and when you begin to feel the effects. If it’s taking too long to get relief from pain or inflammation, consider taking a CBD capsule on an empty stomach. To manage your symptoms, begin with taking another dose every 4 hours. Play with the doses and the times between doses a little bit, so you can remain pain or symptom free.

If you need quicker relief, trying increasing the dosage slightly or changing the form of CBD you are using. Besides the CBD capsules, you can consider trying the CBD chocolate, CBD gummy bears or CBD gummies. All of these are a similar type and within an hour, you should notice the therapeutic CBD effects.


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