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How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

Anyone who is taking CBD for the first time is curious as to how long CBD stays in your system. It’s worth knowing, because if it takes less than 60 minutes to take effect, then the next question is how long does it take until those CBD effects wear off and then how much longer does it linger in your system. For instance, if you are going for blood or urine tests, will it show up? And if it does, then how does it appear? Just as when you might feel the effects of CBD in your body, or how large of a dose you should take, one of the biggest factors is body weight. If your weight is on the high side, then you’ll probably be taking a larger dose than someone who weighs less.

Other factors have to do with the quality and strength of the CBD oil itself. In each person, CBD oil or hemp oil can behave a little differently.

Experimenting with CBD Levels

As with experimenting to find just the right dosage when beginning with CBD, it also takes some trial and error to find out how long a specific CBD oil taken in a certain number of milligrams will leave your body. Let’s say for example that you take a moderate dose of between 5 – 10 mg of CBD. You can pretty much expect that size dose to last somewhere around 1 – 3 hours. If you took a larger dose of 10-20 mg, it might last up to 5 hours. Still though, it’s a question of experimentation to assess how long the CBD lasts for you.

Once the CBD effects wear off, however, does that mean the CBD has left your system? No, not at all. According to studies, the approximate half-life of CBD is between 3-5 days. Surprisingly, this is the same for males and females. So if the half-life is finished by 5 days, the CBD will be completely out of most people’s bodies after one week.

Testing for CBD in Your System

The truth is that we don’t really know for how long CBD can be detected in saliva, hair or urine. While we don’t know exactly how long, we do know that testing saliva after 2-3 hours up to one day after using CBD, there will be evidence of pharmaceuticals. However, according to the length of time that THC can be detected in your system, it seems like if you take a moderate to large amount of CBD daily, it would probably take up to two weeks to clear it from your system. Hair testing is a different story, however. Your hair has the ability of storing a pharmacological record of everything you have taken in for your whole life. And it doesn’t help even if you shave your head!

The information is still there. However, most testing of hair checks only the last inch or so of your hair, which represents the most recent 90 days.

Drugs in Your System

If you are undergoing drug tests for any reason, the tests are to check for THC, which is the psychotropic element found in cannabis. CBD is not psychotropic, so it is not an ingredient that is usually tested for. However, that’s also why it’s important to purchase CBD from a reputable dealer. If you happen to get a batch of CBD that has THC in it, then it would show up in blood tests.

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